A Guide to Eleiko Weightlifting Bars

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Learn about the different bars in the Eleiko weightlifting range to help determine which bar is right for you.

Eleiko weightlifting bars are designed for explosive Olympic lifting.

The bars combine strength and flexibility to achieve the perfect whip and feature needling bearings for a smooth rotation during dynamic lifts. This product guide is designed to help you choose the right bar from our Weightlifting category.

For 60 years, our equipment has raised the bar and set new standards for strength equipment. Eleiko’s weightlifting bars are made in Halmstad, Sweden and are crafted from our specially formulated Swedish steel. The bars feature a dustproof sleeve for greater longevity, a durable chrome finish, a balanced knurling and optimized rotation for superior performance at all loads. Our Weightlifting Bars are divided into four lines: Training, Performance, Competition and Technique. Choose a product line based on the main purpose of your training.

IWF Certified Competition and Training Weightlifting Bars

Weightlifting bars in our Competition line are designed to meet the high standards of professional weightlifting. This category includes bars for both Competition and Training that are certified by the International Weightlifting Federation.

The Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar is designed specifically for competitive Olympic weightlifting and calibrated to extreme competition standards. The bar has tight tolerances and aggressive knurling suited for one rep max attempts.

For professional weightlifters looking for a bar for training purposes, we recommend the Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Bar.

While the IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar is IWF- certified for the competition stage, the training bar is certified for training through the IWF and calibrated accordingly. The Weightlifting Training Bar also has a slightly smoother and less aggressive knurling – better suited for a higher volume of lifting.

The bars in our Weightlifting Competition range are available in two versions: 15 kg and 20 kg.

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Performance Weightlifting Bars

Weightlifting Bars in our Performance line are designed for multi-purpose use and optimized training.

These bars are a good choice for athletes in professional sports, high-performance strength and conditioning, and general fitness.

The Eleiko Performance Weightlifting Bar has precision needle bearings, an inner raise and dustproof seal. This ensures that weight moves smoothly under load and at high speeds. The mild knurling provides a good grip suited for high-performance training.

The Performance Weightlifting Bar is available in two versions: 15 kg and 20 kg.

Technique Bars

Weightlifting bars in the Technique line are designed for lifters focusing on improving technique and form. For beginners, youth or facilities requiring lighter weight bars, we recommend the Eleiko Weightlifting Technique Bar.

The bar has a low starting weight and less aggressive knurling, suitable for higher repetitions and practising technique.

The Eleiko Weightlifting Technique Bar replicates the feeling of a standard Eleiko bar, enabling a smooth transition to heavier standard bars as technique improves.

Coaching Youth Lifter Eleiko Technique Set

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