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Raise the Bar

Eleiko Education

Eleiko provides resources and courses that perfectly complement our equipment to help ensure you achieve the ultimate lifting experience.

Whether a coach, trainer, operator, or lifter, you deserve maximum results. And we are committed to helping you achieve them. We help you overcome challenges and enhance opportunities with resources and courses built to inform and transform your strength training journey.

We provide resources to meet your learning style and needs. From papers and articles for the reader, training programs for the doer to strength talks, coaching tips and an exercise video library for the viewer — explore our comprehensive collection of materials to support your coaching and strength training journey.

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Live and Online Courses

Grounded in science. Proven in practice.

Eleiko Education delivers extended learning opportunities in both live and online formats. Our live courses and workshops combine systems and science with practical application to develop and enhance your technique and coaching skills in Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Functional Training, and Tactical Training.

Our online courses enable you to progress through multimedia content at your own pace. Each course provides lectures, practical applications, and instruction videos with a downloadable manual, training programs, helpful articles, and CEUs.


Reach your full potential

Partner with Eleiko to outfit your facility with the right equipment and prepare your staff with the knowledge and support to effectively deliver strength programs that maximise the potential of your strength training area. Contact our team to bring a course to your facility or learn about upcoming courses.

Strength Essentials