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Design Your Gym

Work with our experienced team to design a training solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Leave your details below to schedule your complimentary consultation with our product and facility design specialists to bring your home gym vision to life.  We will tailor your gym to your preferred style of training and maximize every inch of space to turn your home gym goals into real-life gains. 

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Design a home gym that is right for you

Key considerations when building a home gym include determining your available space along with how you want to train, then creating an inviting space that helps keep you motivated.

These two key considerations will guide you towards the general concept for a home training space that best suits your needs. We work with you to fine tune your concepts, making sure designs optimise your space and support your goals and objective.

Our team are here to guide you at every step. From concept to 3D renderings to full service installation, we can support you in building your dream home gym.

Getting started with building a home gym

To ensure the best results from your training, consistency is key. One way to make sure you stick with your program is to keep training simple and accessible. A great solution is to create a home gym designed specifically to work with your fitness goals and the space in your home. Follow these tips to create a home gym that you will enjoy while becoming stronger.

  • Think about your health and fitness goals and the type of training you need to achieve these goals.
  • Determine where you can support both training and storing equipment.
  • Consider equipment that gives you flexibility, pieces that support different variations or exercises.
  • The right training equipment can be both functional and beautiful in your home.

We dive deeper into the topic of how to design a home gym that helps you keep stick with your training in our resources section and are happy to guide you through the process.

Equipping a Home Gym

Selecting the bars and plates that are right for your home training needs.

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