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Prestera Rack Series

Inspired by athletes

For athletes, performance comes down to precise execution and outcomes are decided by the smallest of margins. Prestera was developed with the precision of elite athletes in mind.

Rooted in our six-decade heritage in professional lifting, the rack geometry ensures nothing gets in the way of your lift. Prestera takes a lifting first approach that considers all aspects of the user experience from the width of the uprights, to the carefully considered interaction points, and incremental adjustments giving lifters greater control, improved safety, and better support in their training.

Lifter first approach

In developing Prestera, we focused on what is best for athletes, gaining critical millimeters in the geometry to better optimize the rack for both squats and bench press — ensuring nothing gets in the way of the lift.

Make Prestera work for you

Choose a strength station foundation

Prestera reflects our exacting standards for precision, quality and performance. It's a flexible, scalable series that can be built out from several different foundations and even scaled or added onto over time. Choose from a Half Rack, Double Half Rack or Power Rack, then customize the rack frame with a range of barbell and fitness attachments, smart storage solutions and customization options.

Powder Coat or Stainless Steel Uprights

Prestera Racks are available in a hard wearing powder coat finish which features 50 mm spacing increments and laser cut numbering to accommodate a wide range of users, attachments, and training needs. A performance upgrade, the stainless steel option features 25 mm hole spacing for more precise adjustments and laser etched numbering to maintain steel integrity. Stainless steel is recommended for gliding attachments.


Prestera attachments have been developed to protect equipment, address athletes training needs and raise the bar for the lifting experience. Prestera attachments are carefully thought through to maximize placement possibilities and usable rack space. They are easy to place, secure when attached and easy to use. Prestera attachments tailors racks to your preferred style of training and lifting environment.

Barbell Attachments

Prestera barbell attachments provide core functionality and athlete safety features to any rack foundation.

Fitness Attachments

Fitness attachments add versatility to any rack foundation creating dynamic and flexible strength training stations.

Storage Attachments

Storage attachments keep training essentials readily accessible and training spaces tidy.

Insert Platforms

Several options for insert platforms are compatible with the racks in the Prestera Series. This includes snug fit SVR Insert Platforms designed to seamlessly integrate with Prestera Half Racks. They are secured to the rack frame to create a complete lifting station that does not shift. SVR platforms feature our technology to reduce sound and vibration and minimizing barbell bounce in the drop zone to manage disruption for facilities.

Standard inserts are also available. These platforms are based on the IWF certified training platforms redesigned with the insert piece that fits within the rack and a smaller footprint to work well with the all the Prestera Rack Foundation models. Thick durable odour free rubber mats offer protection to the equipment and facility flooring, and are designed to stand up to rigorous high-volume use of today’s busy facilities.