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Eleiko Hybrid Lifting Belt Ink Black M

  • Quick-release stainless steel buckle
  • Comfortable, supportive EVA material
  • Durable hook and look fastening
  • Designed for functional fitness

The Eleiko Hybrid Lifting Belt (formerly EVA Belt, the name was changed to better reflect its multipurpose design) supports your core and can help cue proper bracing technique so you can get the most from your lifting sessions at the gym and when you are on the competition stage. Made from soft, comfortable EVA material, the belt features a strong hook and loop fastening with a quick-release stainless steel buckle for easy adjustments and quick on/off during training.



Convenient Packaging

The Eleiko Hybrid Belt comes in a compact bag; use it to store your belt or other lifting essentials for easy transport and to keep your gym bag tidy.

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