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Competition Storage

Storage Solutions

Overview of Eleiko storage equipment in a gym.

Eleiko Storage Configurator

Mix and match two and three-tier legs with different shelving and accessory attachment options to design bespoke storage that meets your needs.

Prestera System

Wall Mounted

Work with an expert to reinvent your space

Eleiko offers a range of weight storage solutions for competitions, training facilities, commercial gyms and home gyms alike designed to maximise storage space while providing easy access to weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells.

Eleiko's weight plate storage solutions include weightlifting and powerlifting plate racks that are certified by the IWF and IPF for training and competition. These racks are built to last, with a focus on durability, practicality and easy handling, providing athletes and competition loaders with a safe and convenient way to store their plates during training and competitions.

Eleiko's gym storage options are not limited to weight plates. We also offer barbell racks, kettlebell racks, plate racks, and dumbbell storage racks that are designed to fit the specific needs of any gym or home gym. These storage racks are built to be efficient and practical, making it easy to keep your workout space organised and clutter-free. Storage solutions be can tailored to meet your specific needs with modular designs that can be adapted to free standing storage solutions or integrated into the Eleiko range of Prestera Racks and Rigs.

Discover detailed information and product specifications in the listings above or contact our sales team for a complimentary consultation to help you with a bespoke storage solutions or complete facility design.