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IPF Powerlifting Competition Plate25 kg

  • Calibrated Steel Plates
  • IPF Certified
  • Powder Coated
  • Strong grip and secure handling

Eleiko IPF Competition Plates are precision crafted from cast iron and finished in a durable powder coat for long-lasting performance. The redesign includes a rounded edge and angled groove around the plate circumference, as well as grooved grip strips and stamped product name into the back of the plate for improved handling when loading and unloading the plates from storage racks and the bar.



Easier Handling

The competition plates have been redesigned with a smooth chamfered edge, making the plates more secure and comfortable to grip and handle. The new profile also features an ergonomic finger groove on the backside of the plate. Together these design elements drastically improve the experience for lifters and loaders in training and competition environments.

Increased Hub Size

A larger hub size creates a more optimal fit between the collars and the plates for a better fit between plates which minimizes wear on the powder coat and creates a more secure, snug fit on the bar sleeve.

Change Plates

The Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Change Plates are ideal for smaller weight increases. Calibrated and certified by the IPF for competition use, the high-quality steel plates feature a prominent lip and curved edges for comfortable and secure handling. The plates range from .25 kg to 5 kg. The smallest three increments are chromed, while the 2.5kg is black and the 5 kg is white, making the plates easy to identify.

Environmental Impact

A cornerstone of our sustainability initiatives is making durable products that will last a long time; the IPF Competition Plates are no exception. In addition to lasting performance, we've redesigned the packaging to use less material while ensuring products are safely shipped and arrive in good condition.