Raise the Bar

Friction-free Training with Eleiko Cables

From slim wall-mounted units to comprehensive multi-stations — flexibility and space efficiency meet uncompromising quality and safety.

All Training. No Distraction.

Optimal grip on knurled handles and smooth cable movement through precision-engineered aluminium pulleys.

The actual resistance the user experiences when training is always marked on the weight stack, making it easy for users and coaches to program, train and progress.


True modularity and industry-leading flexibility

Eleiko Cables are truly modular and can adapt to your ever-evolving needs. Freely design units and training spaces. None of the fixed foundation frames and limitations of traditional multi-station solutions.

Enduring Strength

Steel frames, metal weight stack covers, aluminium pulleys, stainless steel in high-wear areas and premium materials throughout deliver better value with reliable performance and a timeless design that lasts year after year.


Powerful Facility Design

Eleiko Cables and Eleiko Prestera are designed with a unified aesthetic and seamless integration for coherent facility designs with even more flexibility. Customise colours to enhance your unique identity and training experience further.


Hassle-free safety for the most demanding environments

Eleiko Cables require no lubrication for shaft maintenance. The comfortable PUR cushions on seats and pads are durable and easy to clean.

Fully protected weight stacks and gliding pulley mechanisms minimise pinch points and potential injury risks, providing industry-leading safety affirmed by the toughest ISO standards. All backed by thorough testing, including 100,000 cycle and 10-degree tip testing.

Work with an expert to reinvent your space

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Tailored for your needs

Transform your strength space with bespoke configurations of Eleiko Cables and create optimized multi-station designs.