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A Distinct Pattern
and Passion
Paves a New Direction

For 30 years, Eleiko manufactured small electrical appliances such as toasters and waffle irons when in 1957 an idea forever changed the company's trajectory.

Eleiko’s factory supervisor Mr Hellström, an avid weightlifter, frustrated with barbells constantly bending and breaking approaches Mrs Johansson, our managing director, with an inspired idea – build a better barbell.

The barbell is crafted from a specially formulated hardened steel with a waffle pattern knurling and it will go on to forever change Eleiko and the sport of weightlifting.

We Raise The Bar

Eleiko blasts onto the world stage in 1963 doing what no other manufacturer has – building a bar that lasts an entire competition without being damaged or broken – and the weightlifting community takes notice. The impressive performance raises the bar for weightlifting equipment.

The Birth of
the Eleiko Feeling

Eleiko shapes the sport of weightlifting with the introduction of the first rubber weights and includes needle bearings in the bar design enhancing performance and safety. Athletes appreciate the improved experience and the notion of the “Eleiko Feeling” feeling is born.

For Champions

Eleiko is distinctly certified by the governing bodies of three strength sports.

Since becoming certified by the IWF in 1969, Eleiko has equipped more than 40 World Championships, as well as several hundred continental and regional Championships and Games.

Eleiko enjoys the distinction of being the sole VIP supplier for IPF World Championships since 2009.

Eleiko partners with World Para Powerlifting (then IPC) in 2005 to become the brand of choice in powerlifting for Paralympics sports.

Olympic Feats
of Strength

We are honoured to be part of 5 Olympic and Paralympic Games to date. Our legacy is built on weightlifting and we are proud to support champions - past, present, and future - with the world's finest equipment allowing them to step onto the platform with confidence, focusing on their performance, and making record-setting lifts.

The Future
of Strength

2017 marks our 60th year in strength. While we have accomplished much over the decades, we aim to continue shaping the future of strength and our mission to help make people stronger remains absolute.