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Prestera Rack Series

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Learn more about the design and product development process of Prestera from Björn Welde, Head of Product Development at Eleiko.

Eleiko introduces Prestera, a new rack series that takes a lifting first approach considering all aspects of the user experience to give athletes greater control, improved safety, and better support in their training.

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Putting the lifter first is at the heart of Eleiko’s design philosophy.

What was the inspiration behind Prestera?

For athletes, performance comes down to precise execution and outcomes are decided by the smallest of margins. In developing Prestera, we kept our focus on what is best for athletes, gaining critical millimetres in the geometry to better optimize the rack for both squats and bench press. Prestera, performance in Swedish, was designed with the precision of elite athletes in mind, providing lifters with ultimate control and better performance.

Prestera is the Swedish word for performance. In what ways does the Prestera Series enhance the lifting experience?

Putting the lifter first is at the heart of Eleiko’s design philosophy. Prestera is a true example of this in product form as it considers all aspects of the user experience, from the width of the uprights to the incremental adjustments giving lifters greater control, improved safety, and better support in their training. The 70x70 uprights, made of 3 mm steel, and precise spacing supports both the bench press and squats, allowing for less rack interference from the outside and more room for lifters inside the frame, without compromising load capacity.

What role do the material choices play in constructing the rack series and attachments?

Conscious material choices, such as UHWM protective liners, polyurethane rollers and nylon rollers intentionally placed for optimal performance, optimized barbell interaction points, knurled knobs and smooth adjustments of attachments make Prestera well suited for a variety of training spaces, from home gyms to commercial facilities. When designing Prestera, we consulted plastic experts to develop materials that are specifically designed for its application. Prestera has polyurethane rollers and pads, a highly wear resistant material with has self-healing properties – making the material the ideal choice for our barbell interaction points.

What are the key differences between the powder coated and stainless steel rack frame options?

Prestera frames are available in a hard-wearing powder coat finish with 50 mm spacing increments and laser cut numbering and in stainless steel, a performance upgrade that features 25 mm hole spacing for more precise height adjustments and laser etched numbering to maintain steel integrity. Due to its high wear resistance, we recommend choosing the stainless uprights when the j-cups and safety arms on the sled are desired. With the two finishes, we are confident that Prestera will perform in all types of homes or facilities.

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What is the design language of Prestera?

We’ve designed a rack system focused on the lifting experience, removing distraction and unnecessary bulk. Inspired by Sweden’s heritage in industrial design, the Prestera racks present an approachable, clean aesthetic with no individual parts — ensuring there is nothing to get in the way of the lift. The minimalistic design lets attachments, the bar and plates shine.

Which attachments are available to customize the Prestera Racks according to training type or training environment?

The possibilities to tailor Prestera are many. Ranging from barbell interaction, fitness – and storage attachments, all pieces are carefully thought through maximizing placement possibilities and usable rack space — ensuring the best use of every available millimetre.

The Prestera attachments are designed to protect the bar and elevate the lifting experience, provide a smooth and simple installation and adjustment, and deliver a smoother racking experience. Barbell interaction attachments include three different models of j-cups, safety arms, beams and straps, a landmine and smith attachment, and storage attachments include storage pins for plates in three lengths, specifically designed to maximize rack storage space and provide better ergonomics.

What type of tests have been done with Prestera?

Prestera has been designed together with leading coaches, athletes, and lifters to better support the needs of today’s strength training community. To find the optimal dimensions and geometry, blind testing was done using the Prestera racks and a selection of other leading rack series. We carefully analyzed and tested the tubing size, wall thickness and bolt size to find the optimal geometry and removed unnecessary bulk, resulting in a rack that weighs less and uses less material – without compromising performance.

The result showed a clear preference for Prestera in that it allowed the best compromise between bench and squat movement. The testing was done tournament-style, leaving Prestera as the final winner. The top two possible Prestera geometries were then put to the test, both not existing in the market today, and the dimension that came out on top had an impressive 70-30 edge in votes. Prestera features the same internal width as our IPF Bench, making Prestera a rack series that is truly validated and rooted in professional sports.

What sets the Prestera Series apart from other rack series?

Racks today are often excessively bulky, with heavy construction and wide tubing that can get in the way of the lifter. While many simply pursue a bigger is better approach, we relied on our expertise in professional strength sports, testing and evaluating a wide range of configurations to determine which setup best-supported barbell lifts while delivering uncompromised strength and durability, and keeping the total construction weight lower.

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Prestera Rack Series

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