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Barbell Guide

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Barbell Guide — how to choose the right type of bar for your training.

At Eleiko, our mission is to help make people stronger, so they can perform better — in sports and in life. This product guide is designed to help you choose the right kind of bar for your training.

Since 1957, Eleiko bars are made in Halmstad, Sweden and are precision-crafted from our specially formulated Swedish steel. Our bars feature dustproof sleeves for greater longevity, refined knurling options and optimized rotation for superior performance at all loads.

Eleiko bars are divided into four main categories: Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Hybrid and Specialty bars. Choose a bar based on the type of training you will perform most of the time.

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Weightlifting bars

Eleiko weightlifting bars are designed for explosive Olympic lifting. The bars combine strength and flexibility to achieve the perfect whip and feature needling bearings for a smooth rotation.

Eleiko weightlifting bars have balanced knurling. The knurling is firm, but not too sharp, assuring a good grip both for one-rep maxes and higher reps in training. 20kg weightlifting bars have a smooth center knurl, while the 15kg bars don’t have any center knurl. This will prevent your neck and shoulders from getting scraped when front racked in a clean.

The diameter of weightlifting bars is 28mm for 20kg bars and 25mm for 15kg bars. The grip marks are 91cm apart.

Our Weightlifting Bars are divided into lines: Training, Performance, Competition and Technique. The competition and training bars are certified by the International Weightlifting Federation.

Choose a weightlifting bar based on the purpose of your training, whether it be drilling technique, general fitness, or competitive weightlifting.

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Powerlifting bars

Eleiko powerlifting bars are designed for the three powerlifting competition lifts - the squat, bench press and deadlift. The bars have bronze bushings with a special graphite addition that allows the bar to self-lubricate, which enhances performance and longevity while controlling the rotation.

Due to the increased diameter of 29mm, powerlifting bars are stiffer than weightlifting bars. The grip marks are 81 cm apart.

The powerlifting bars have aggressive and deep knurling that is optimized for heavy loads.

Powerlifting bars have a center knurl to provide extra grip when back squatting.

Our Powerlifting Bars are divided into lines: Performance, Competition and Technique. The IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar and the IPF Powerlifting Training Bar are both certified by the International Powerlifting Federation.

Choose a powerlifting bar based on the purpose of your training, whether it be drilling technique, general fitness, or competitive powerlifting.

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Hybrid bars

While dedicated powerlifters and weightlifters will prefer bars that are designed for their sports, many lifters are not niched and look for a multi-purpose bar that can be used for several training types.

Hybrid bars are suitable for lifters who want to be able to train everything from weightlifting to powerlifting – ideal for functional fitness, general strength training and instances where you only have space for one bar.

Compared to weightlifting and powerlifting bars, hybrid bars have mild knurling.

This knurling is balanced between sufficient grip for heavy lifts while not wearing out your hands during high-repetition training.

The diameter of hybrid bars is 28mm for 20kg bars and 25mm for 15kg bars. They have grip marks for both powerlifting and weightlifting.

The bars feature a combination of needle bearings and bushings, making them suitable for both explosive weightlifting and grinding power lifts.

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Specialty bars

For instances where a traditional straight bar is not optimal or applicable, we offer a range of specialty bars, such as the Curl Bar and the Öppen Deadlift Bar.

Our specialty bars are designed to offer different lifting possibilities and complement the movement selection where the straight bars are lacking.

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Your needs and success guide our expert team

Our dedicated team is here to help you build a training space tailored to your needs. With more than 60 years of experience, Eleiko can help you create the ultimate lifting experience at your company.

Our range includes bars, plates, collars, dumbbells, kettlebells, and platforms along with an assortment of thoughtfully designed benches, racks and rigs – supported by Eleiko education to develop lifting expertise.

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