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Bar Sensor Kit

  • Barbell Sensor Kit
  • Velocity Based Training Data
  • Seamless Sleeve Integration

Eleiko, together with our partner Enode, created the Bar Sensor Kit for use with the sensor-compatible bars in the Eleiko barbell portfolio (Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Training Bar and Eleiko WPPO Competition Bar). A first-of-its-kind, sensors are integrated into each of the bar sleeves to give athletes accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis — without the distraction of external measuring devices — that offers a new perspective on strength training, helping to ensure maximum performance without overtraining. Any WPPO bar stamped with a serial number date after 200921 is sensor compatible.



Analyze every moment

With the dual sensors, you can distinguish things challenging to see with the bare eye, such as rotation, inclination, acceleration vectors or velocities for every moment of a lift.

Compatible Bars

Compatible Bars

The Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Training Bar and the Eleiko WPPO Competition Bars manufactured after September 2020 are compatible with the Enode sensors. For the WPPO bars, you can verify compatibility by referring to the bar serial number. The first part of any Eleiko bar serial number is the date of manufacture (YYMMDD); any WPPO bar stamped with a serial number date after 200921 is sensor compatible.

For a variety of training environments

For a variety of training environments

Eleiko bars with the Eleiko Bar Sensor Kit are great for various users and settings, from the passionate lifter training at home to the enthusiast at the gym or athletes in the weight room preparing for the competition floor.

Connect the sensors in a one-to-one application. One sensor set can be used by anyone training in the facility if they download the free app and connect the sensor giving members and athletes a whole new perspective on their training and performance. Coaches and trainers can push programs and track athletes’ performance by accessing additional services with Enode Pro+.

Download the App

Download the App

To operate the sensors, you will need to download the Enode app from App Store or Google Play (or Enode Pro+ for unlimited users for coaches and facilities) and connect your sensors to the app. Support with the app and sensors is provided by our partner Enode. If you have any questions, please visit https://enode.ai/.

Easy to Use

Follow these simple instructions to insert and remove the Enode sensors from your Eleiko Bar.

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