Product Notices

Below you will find information on product recalls, service announcements and notices.


Eleiko has become aware of a quality deficiency and potential safety concerns connected to the Eleiko Hybrid Bar and is issuing a Product Replacement Notice. The impacted products include the Eleiko Hybrid Bar - 20 kg (Black), the Eleiko Hybrid Bar - 15 kg (Black), and the 15 kg and 20 kg versions of the limited edition Barbells for Boobs Hybrid Bar (Black).

Replaced Products:

  • Name: Eleiko Hybrid Bar (Black)
  • Article Numbers: 3085462; 3085463; 3085462B; 3085463B; 3085462BFB; 3085463BFB; 3085462SG

Link to full product replacement notice:

What to do: We ask that you immediately discontinue using your bar. We are offering a free replacement bar from our XF or Performance range at no cost to you. With the delivery of the new bar, we will include instructions and a shipping return label so you can return the impacted bar to Eleiko. Please contact your local customer service or sales team here.

Eleiko Olympic Bench Press Series

We have identified a potential welding failure on a batch of gliding J-Cups included in the Eleiko Olympic Bench Press series. As a precaution, we would like to replace the J-cups on the impacted benches to ensure long-lasting performance.

Impacted Products:

  • 3062964-XX, 3062965-XX Eleiko Olympic Flat Bench
  • 3062966-XX, 3062966-XX Eleiko Olympic Incline Bench
  • 3062968-XX, 3062969-XX Eleiko Olympic Decline Bench

To determine if you have an impacted bench, please check for a batch number sticker under the backrest (see the red arrow above). Affected benches include batch production number 20010 or benches missing production number stickers.

Eleiko Pro Dumbbell

We have become aware of a potential issue with the Eleiko Pro Dumbbell. If the handle becomes jammed and can no longer freely rotate, there is the possibility that the screw holding the head in place can unscrew during use and cause the head to dislodge and separate from the dumbbell shaft. Please inspect your equipment regularly to ensure it is in good working order.

For the Pro Dumbbells, this inspection should include a review to ensure the following:

  • The end cap is in place
  • The handle is rotating freely
  • The dumbbell heads are securely fastened
  • All screws are secure and tightened

If you hear any rattling or other sounds or notice sharp edges or loose-fitting or jammed parts, please stop using the dumbbell immediately and contact the Eleiko customer support team or your local sales representative. If you have the Eleiko Pro Dumbbells and are concerned about this notice, please contact customer support, and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Eleiko Classic Dip Rack, floor model (3000490)

We have become aware of a potential issue with the Eleiko Classic Dip Rack. If the rack is not attached to the floor and installed correctly, there is a significant risk that this unit will tip over during usage. As a result, we changed the suggested installation method from; “recommended to be attached to the floor” to “MUST be attached to the floor.”

Eleiko PL Squat Stand/Bench, Inserts/bar rests

We have been informed of an incident whereby one of the welds on the inserts/bar rests on the Eleiko PL Squat Stand/Bench has broken due to fatigue, causing a potential safety risk to the user. Following a thorough internal investigation, we have concluded that such breakage of the welds appears to be extremely rare but possible. Eleiko continuously strives to improve our products and take seriously any incident involving a safety risk to the user. As a result – and as part of our ongoing quality management program – we have engineered an improved design of the inserts/bar rests aimed at eliminating this risk going forward. Since user safety and product quality are top priorities for us as a company, we have decided to provide new Inserts/bar rests to all customers who have bought any of the below products in the last five (5) years:

Article Number Product Name

  • 3000193 Eleiko Powerlifting Squat Stand/Bench
  • 3000194 Eleiko PL Squat Stand/Bench - hydraulic
  • 3001115-01 Eleiko PL Squat Stand/Bench - black/black
  • 3001115-02 Eleiko PL Squat Stand/Bench - mechanical, silver/black
  • 3001690 Insert for PL Squat Stand/Bench - 2,5cm interval

Please contact your local sales representative to receive a pair of new inserts/bar rests.