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Kingfisher Strength

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Natural and minimalistic boutique strength studio.

When designing his boutique strength studio, Stephen Jerdan, Owner of Kingfisher Strength, chose Eleiko a leader in precision-crafted strength equipment, to equip his space in Irmo, South Carolina.

Eleiko equipped Kingfisher Strength’s space with a wide range of strength equipment. The space includes a variety of Eleiko benches, barbells, plates, and Evo Dumbbells.

Jerdan explained that Eleiko’s premium product line and commitment to sustainability were deciding factors when choosing a strength equipment provider.

“When I decided to open Kingfisher Strength -- a strength-centric training facility -- and began the process of outfitting the space, I made note to prioritize safety, sustainability, and comfort. For safety, I wanted equipment that would be built with quality and would perform to the highest lifting standards for our members. For sustainability, I looked for intentional design that I could rely on years after the manufacture date. And I sought comfort in grip and balance, among other things, for our lifters. Somewhere behind those priorities, I knew I wanted a brand that led with consistency and without cutting corners, important qualities that I was envisioning for Kingfisher.”


“I visited brand websites and toured regional gyms to get an idea of how different manufacturers were partnering their equipment with their buyers, and Eleiko separated itself immediately. Facilities that sourced from other, more utilitarian brands seemed to identify more with convenience or a certain style of marketing rather than a partnership. Those who sourced from Eleiko almost universally led by promoting their desire for quality and reliability. And what became clear to me while researching online was that Eleiko puts focus into three key areas that many others don't: quality over flare, decades of meaningful experience, and a sensitivity towards the environment. The final stamp for me was a quote from Kader 1, a gym in Germany, that described itself as "A gym focused and concentrated on strength training. Our focus is on training with the Olympic barbell. That's why we decided on a close partnership with Eleiko." No frills, and no boasting. Just a simple statement of purpose and performance that I learned reflects Eleiko at its core.

I could have saved money by sourcing elsewhere, and that other equipment would have looked and performed fine for a brief time. But with Eleiko, I met my goals of safety, sustainability, and comfort...and so much more, including world-class customer service. When it came time to purchase, the decision was made for me. Simply, Eleiko stands apart with its purpose and standards, the same values I hold for Kingfisher,” said Jerdan.”


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