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Eleiko Heavy Mug

From April Fools to reality, Introducing the Eleiko Heavy Mug.

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We do not take Fika lightly at Eleiko, but rather the opposite.

The Eleiko Heavy Mug, which through its innovative construction, reaches an impressive weight of 8.5 kg (18.7 lb), setting a new standard in cup measurement from oz to kg. This is 11x the current market leader, the Yeti 30 oz Rambler, and completely overhauls how warm drinks should be consumed.

Gone are double vacuum-insulated walls and gimmicky magnets. Instead, the heavy mug features a 2.5 cm solid ultra-clean Swedish steel barrier, the signature Eleiko knurled grip, and tolerances in accordance with the IWF standards. It comes with a lifetime warranty, but we don't guarantee that this mug is safe for your dishwasher. Due to its stability, no lid is required. If you spill, you simply need to train harder.

As part of this launch, we proudly introduce Eleiko's new corporate mission: "Make everyday life heavier". By incorporating strength tools in ordinary life, we find new ways to make people stronger. We believe lightweight products have received way too much attention in recent years.

With this product and our strong commitment to social responsibility, we also look to partner with governments and health agencies to promote responsible drinking. By redefining the meaning of "heavy drinking," we clearly communicate that it is not the strength of the liquid that matters but the strength of the drinker.

The Eleiko Heavy Mug pairs well with

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