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Eleiko Heavy Mug

The story about the Eleiko Heavy Mug

From April Fool's joke to reality. An idea that resonates deeply within the strength community, the Eleiko Heavy Mug grew beyond the 2023 April Fool's joke. Following a long line of concepts introduced by Eleiko on April 1st, the Heavy Mug was originally conceived as a playful idea connected to our mission and our industrial heritage working with steel. This significant mug at 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs) transformed into a real, physical product in response to our community's expressed desires. Produced in Halmstad, Sweden, just like our world-famous barbells, the Eleiko Heavy Mug proved to be an idea that spurred the community's passion for training and becoming stronger.

The mug was introduced as part of our mission to make "everyday life heavier". Released in two limited editions, this physical product was made available for purchase, offering the community the chance to acquire the mug as they'd been repeatedly requesting across our channels. With such passion from our community to make everyday life heavier, the demand was higher than we expected and were prepared to handle. We had good intentions and were eager to offer the mugs on a first-come, first-served basis, but our website couldn't handle such weight, which was regrettable for both us at Eleiko and our fitness enthusiasts.

After producing around 300 Heavy Mugs in total, we decided not to release further limited editions, but we remain in awe of the passion and enthusiasm for making life heavier.

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