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Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Plate25 kg

  • Exceptional durability
  • Patented ImpactDISC
  • IWF Certified for Training

Eleiko IWF Training Plates set a new standard for performance and durability utilizing our proprietary SBR rubber, a new patented design that distributes impact force, and precision-engineered zinced steel hubs. The plates are thinner to support heavier lifts and designed with a rounded edge for easier handling.



Precision Engineered

Plates range from 10kg – 25kg and are calibrated to +/- 0.5% and certified for Training. The plates measure 450mm in diameter with a 50.5mm (+/- 0.5%.) centre hole for a precise and secure fit on the bar sleeve.

Thoroughly Tested

Previous versions of our competition plates were tested with 5,000 drops. We test plates by dropping them from 2.3 meters onto our wooden competition platform. With the new plates, we reached 100,000 drops with no damage. We increased the warranty to an industry leading 10 years.

Slimmer Profiles

Slimmer Profiles

The thickness for each plate is 35mm - 10 kg, 39mm - 15kg, 50mm - 20kg and 58mm – 25kg. You can load 215 kg onto the 15 kg bar and 290 kg onto the 20 kg bar. This redesign allows +20 kg to be added to current world record lifts.

Print and Customisation

Plates have a smooth surface more easily tailored with custom designs for competitions and training facilities. The print is also more durable for longer lasting graphics as well. Plates can be tailored with custom prints on the rubber or decals on the hubs.