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Eleiko Sport Training Plate25 kg, coloured

    The Eleiko Sport Training Plates are durable, versatile and ideal for general strength training. The discs are manufactured from robust coloured rubber which is damage and deformation-resistant and feature an inset vulcanized hub so discs stay in great shape and perform well for years to come. Our high standards for materials and manufacturing are verified by rigorous testing and backed by our guarantee.



    Smaller Increases

    Smaller Increases

    For those times when smaller weight increments are needed, pair plates with our rubber coated change plates. Certified and calibrated for record-setting lifts, these durable small plates range from .5 kg – 5 kg, come in an Olympic colour scheme and feature a lipped edge for secure easy handling.

    Distinctive Details

    Weights are colour coded per the Olympic palette with prominent white raised lettering so you can easily and quickly identify weights. We make picking up and handling the weights easy and safe with a prominent lipped edge around the disc circumference to ensure a secure hold on the plates.