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Eleiko Evo Dumbbell Rotating HandleSet 5-50 lbs

  • Smooth Rotating
  • Multi-sided head design
  • Stainless Steel Grip

The award-winning rotating Evo Dumbbells deliver unrivalled performance. Inspired by our roots in lifting, we use our barbell manufacturing expertise to introduce an innovative handle design that provides an incredibly smooth rotation. We emphasised durability in design and materials selection and incorporated an innovative patented handle design and features to promote user comfort and safety. We verified its performance with thorough testing.



Weight Range

While offered as a full range from 2.5 - 150 lbs / 1-60 kg, the rotating functionality begins at 12.5 lbs / 5 kg, respectively. While fixed, the smaller weights feature the same knurling feel and visual design creating a uniform set.

Dumbbell Head Surface

We tailored a unique polyurethane surface to achieve the look, feel and benefits of rubber — an excellent grip and nice aesthetics — while bringing in properties to ensure long-lasting performance and minimise signs of wear and tear. It is an optimal surface for high-volume usage settings and keeps dumbbells in excellent condition over their lifetime.

Handle Construction

Stainless steel handles feature a balanced grip specifically developed for Evo; it's secure yet comfortable for high-intensity and high-volume training. We capture the 'Eleiko feeling' with a free rotating handle and deliver product longevity and performance with protection from dust and moisture by using a custom low-friction rubber-sealed bearing similar to those in our barbells.

Handle Diameter

Typically, a ball-bearing design only allows for large handle diameters, which can be challenging for some athletes. We collaborated with a Swedish partner to create a custom bearing design for our uniquely small handle. With our patented design, we can use 38mm (up to 30 kg) and 42mm handles (above 32 kg) across the Evo rotating range, making this dumbbell accessible to all users in the gym. We never underestimate the importance of the little details; they can make a big difference in keeping athletes engaged and attracting new members to your facility or programs.

Thoroughly Tested

Durability, safety and low risk of ownership are important factors when making equipment decisions. Eleiko Evo Dumbbells underwent significant testing to verify that we produced the world's best dumbbell. More than 550,000 drops from distances varying from 10 cm to simulate drops from a person seated on a bench to 1.5 meters to reflect a drop from chest height to 5 drops from 5 meters high yielded zero functional damage and minimal scuff marks on the polyurethane.

Quality Production

We ensure Evo Dumbbells' unrivalled performance by building the dumbbells in Halmstad, Sweden, with carefully selected materials, rigorous quality control standards and thorough testing.

Fixed and Rotating – how to choose

The rotating Evo Dumbbell is designed for dynamic, explosive movements such as the dumbbell snatch and other weightlifting movements. The rotating handle also puts less stress on joints in exercises such as biceps curls and delivers a unique smooth feeling. The fixed handle Evo Dumbbell is a more classic design that is perfect for pressing movements, such as chest and shoulder presses.

Both styles of Evo Dumbbell offer maximum performance and outstanding durability over time. You can do everything from a training standpoint with the rotating or fixed version. It simply comes down to preference and what type of training you lean towards – dynamic and explosive or slower and more controlled. Many training facilities make fixed and rotating options available to support individual preferences and diverse training needs.

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