Competition Benches

Eliko equips the world's leading powerlifing and para powerlifting competition. As the presenting part to the IPF and WPPO supplier, Eleiko competition benches are the go-to choice for professional and serious powerlifting and para powerlifting facilities and athletes.

These benches are competition certified, meaning that they meet the rigorous standards required for official powerlifting competitions. Smart design ensure the benches easy to adjust, with an emphasis on lifter safety to ensure protection during heavy lifting.

The IPF Competition Combo Rack allows for easy and secure loading and unloading of weight plates and bar height adjustment for convenient and fast transitions in competition settings, where every second counts.

Overall, Eleiko's competition benches are the perfect choice for powerlifters and para powerlifters who demand the very best in terms of quality, safety, and performance. Discover detailed information and product specifications in the listings above or contact our sales team for a complimentary consultation to help you with a bespoke design for your competition or powerlifting training facility.