Sound Reduction Platforms

Eleiko SVR Sound Reduction Platforms redefine the training experience, providing the perfect harmony of performance and peace. Crafted with precision and innovation, these platforms offer a training surface that significantly reduces sound and vibration, making them essential for facilities where noise control is paramount.

Experience a quieter training environment with Eleiko SVR Sound Reduction Platforms. Specifically designed to reduce sound and vibration from weightlifting, they cut noise from dropped weights in half, creating a more inviting and focused training atmosphere.

Eleiko SVR Sound Reduction Platforms allow gyms to incorporate weightlifting without disturbing members and neighbours. They are a great addition to commercial training facilities and home gyms, creating a quieter and more inclusive training space.

Experience the Eleiko difference in every lift and unlock performance without compromise. Explore our catalog to find your facility's ideal SVR Sound Reduction Platform and redefine what is possible in your strength training environment.