Raise the Bar

Precision crafted strength equipment since 1957

Our strength journey began with the finest barbells for professional lifters. We’ve grown beyond the competition platform to equipping passionate lifters everywhere.

From waffle irons to the world’s leader in lifting

Eleiko manufactured small electrical appliances including waffle irons. In 1957 our factory supervisor Mr Hellström, an avid weightlifter frustrated with barbells constantly bending and breaking, approached Mrs Johansson, our managing director, with an inspired idea — build a better barbell.

The bar was crafted from specially formulated Swedish steel with knurling inspired by the waffle iron pattern.


Inspired by lifters

Since the beginning we’ve taken our inspiration from the lifter. Our barbell set a new standard for equipment performance in 1963.

Over the decades we’ve maintained that focus. Continuously improving the lifting experience to enhance performance and safety guides us to this day.

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For a lifetime of lifting

From the competition stage to training halls, health clubs to home gyms — we aim to help people build strength and improve performance with precision crafted equipment designed for a lifetime of lifting.


Strength in family ownership

As one of the longest-running companies in strength, Eleiko is a testament to the stability gained from being a family business. Our relationships with suppliers, partners, and customers span generations. Staying true to our roots, we’ve never wavered from delivering precision crafted strength equipment.

At 67, I am probably the strongest I have ever been. Lifting makes me able to live life to the fullest.

— Gunnila BlombergOwner of Eleiko