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Eleiko Eleiko Fat Grip Vulcano Disc Dumbbells

Varied Stimulus

Recruit Muscles in Different Ways for Increased Grip and Forearm Strength

Our Fat Grip Vulcano Disc Dumbbells are manufactured using our durable 1.25 and 2.5 kg volcano discs and alternate them with stylish chromed discs as the weight increases. They feature a 50mm fat grip rotating handle so you can mix up your training and recruit more muscle in your fingers and forearms challenging yourself in diverse ways. Dumbbells are sold individually or in sets and weights range from 12.5 kg to 70 kg with increases in 2.5 kg increments. The weight designation is clearly marked in prominent white lettering at the centre of dumbbells. Dumbbells are sold individually.

Designed For

Developing grip strength while training dynamic and olympic dumbbell strength movements

Refined Knurling

Classic Eleiko knurling for a strong grip and secure hold

Real World Application

Vary stimulus to ensure full spectrum strength and better prepare for lifting everyday objects

Robust Design

Durable polyurethane minimize signs of wear and tear, keeps dumbbells looking like new

Clear Identification

Prominent white lettering clearly shows dumbbell weight


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567 mm / 22.32 in.


70 kg / 154.32 lbs


2 years



Head Diameter

200 mm / 7.87 in.