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Strength in
Family Ownership

A Solid Foundation for Growth

A New Chapter

The Blomberg family was part of the Eleiko story long before acquiring the company. Lennart Blomberg, a family friend of the original owners Mr and Mrs Johannsson, was an experienced and successful businessman when in 1997 Eleiko was made available for purchase. Great potential and a hint of nostalgia led the Blombergs to acquire the company and it has remained a family owned and operated business since.

The Next

Today, the next generation of Blombergs have taken the helm, while Mrs Blomberg stays active in the company through its board of directors. CEO Erik Blomberg leads the company inspired by his father's principled leadership where humour, optimism, and kindness built a strong foundation for growth. These traits along with a commitment to learning, a drive to optimise human performance, and a passion for strength and professional strength sports guide Eleiko today. Rickard Blomberg, in his role as President of Eleiko Sport, heads the company's rapidly growing US operations. Hans Blomberg runs Eleiko's IT and Logistics Systems while Madeleine Blomberg and her partner run Eleiko France.

“I have always been active but recently started including weightlifting into my program. I've never felt stronger. Just recently I was able to bend down, place my grandchild on my shoulders and stand up. It was an incredible and powerful feeling. This is why we train, why strength is important. Being strong allows you to live life to the fullest.”

Gunnila Blomberg, Eleiko Owner

Strength in
Family Ownership

As one of the oldest fitness companies, Eleiko is a testament to the stability gained from being a family business. The leadership is personally invested and has built relationships with suppliers, partners, and customers that span generations. Eleiko has maintained authenticity never wavering from the goal of producing outstanding strength equipment and established trust with customers and Eleiko users along the way. Eleiko is driven to produce products, provide services, and create experiences for all those involved in gaining and growing strength around the world.


“Lifting Makes Me focused.”

Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO


Erik Blomberg


Halmstad, Sweden


Eleiko CEO and Strength Enthusiast

What does strength mean to you?

To me strength is about being capable. Feeling prepared and ready to take on the day.

When do you feel you are at your strongest?

I feel at my strongest when I'm well trained, rested and knows clearly what I want to get done. Of course, also when completing a great lifting session in the gym.

What does being strong mean to you?

Being strong means being both physically and mentally strong to me. I think they are connected: a strong body gives good posture, good posture gives great confidence; strong muscles give more energy, more energy can help you achieve more things, more achievements help you feel accomplished.

How does the strength that you’ve built in the gym translate into your day-to-day life?

I believe that it helps me to stand tall, gives me more energy and confidence to take on whatever is thrown at me with success in mind.

When have you had to rely on strength to overcome adversity?

Everyone has to go through hard times in life. In the last two years my father who was very dear to me passed away suddenly. Shortly thereafter we had a large fire at the company. It is really when challenged with life changing moments that you need to be strong and keep going. Always get back up again.

How do you approach gaining strength in the gym?

I like to approach my strength training, and my life in general actually, by drawing an imaginary line inside my head and body. When I train and live well I feel that I am above the line and adding to my performance and health, when I'm not training or living well I feel I am below the line and decreasing my capacity. So you can say I listen much to my body and aim for step-by-step gains day-by-day.

How has training as a weightlifter helped you to be stronger overall?

I think weightlifting is a fantastic form of strength training. It really offers superior benefits to many other exercise forms: power, flexibility.