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Prestera Cable Attachment

Transforming the way floorplans are considered and rack space is utilised.

Prestera Cables - Triceps Pressdown.png
Prestera Cables - Biceps Curl.png
Prestera Cables - Chinups.png
Prestera Cables - Lat pull down.png
Prestera Cables - Deadlift.png
Prestera Cables - Overhead press.png

Training Versatility

Adds New Dimension to Training Spaces

With its space-saving design, single or dual pulley configuration, generous cable length, and an array of handles, the Prestera Cable Attachment introduces a versatile, functional trainer within the compact footprint of any Prestera Rack.

prestera cables - cableconnector3.png
prestera cables - upper detail.png
prestera cables - wheelhouse.png
prestera cables - Weightstack.png
prestera cables - storageboard.png

Lifter First Perspective

Smooth Eleiko Feeling

We harness the power of 8 large aluminium pulleys for less internal resistance and a smoother user experience. Each interaction point, from cable trolley adjustments to the handles to the weight stack markings, keeps the lifter experience in focus.

Sportcentrum VU_School Amsterdam Netherlands_2022_5.JPG

Scalable Solutions

Part of the Prestera Eco-system

Prestera is a flexible, scalable, modular series that can be built out from several different foundations and even scaled or added onto over time. Tailor your rack frame with barbell and fitness attachments, smart storage solutions, insert platforms and customization plates.

Prestera Cables - Biceps Curl.png

Eleiko has given lifters and athletes worldwide the ultimate lifting experience for more than 60 years through our free weights. Now we bring the “Eleiko feeling” to cable-based training.

— Erik BlombergCEO, Eleiko

Both Until and Eleiko share the same key value when it comes to experience and product — expertly simple. Eleiko products are expertly considered and crafted, and we are proud to be developmental partners.

— Daniel Chappell Co-Founder & Community Lead at Until

Cable Handles and Storage Solutions

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Work with our expert team to design your rack

Work with our product specialists to create a Prestera Rack tailored to your needs and preferred training style that maximises space and delivers the ultimate lifting experience.

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