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Raise the Bar

Design Your Facility

Request a meeting with our sales team or book a complimentary facility design consult with one of our product or design experts.

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Connect with our team to book your complimentary consult

Our product and facility design team have the tools and expertise to develop a design tailored to your specific needs, maximizing your space to create the ultimate lifting experience for your athletes and members. To start your bespoke project, leave your details in the form below so we can schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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How the design process works

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1. Planning

We start with a consultation to go over your project. We will discuss the space, review project requirements and discuss the types of training environments you want to create.

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2. Proposal

After reviewing your project information, our facility designers create an equipment and layout proposal, presenting a concept for your facility and discussing any changes or revisions.

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3. Installation

Once plans are approved and your order is placed, we coordinate the delivery and installation working closely with your project team to ensure all necessary site surveys are complete.